Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cream of Spinach

From "Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners", 1913.

½ peck spinach. (about 4 quarts)
6 cups cold water.
½ small bay leaf.
1½ teaspoons salt.
3 tablespoons Cottolene.
2 cups milk.
2 slices onion.
3 tablespoons flour.
½ cup heavy cream.
Cayenne pepper and celery salt.

Cook spinach in water thirty minutes. Drain, chop, and rub through sieve.

Scald milk with onion and bay leaf. Melt Cottolene in sauce-pan, add flour, stir to a smooth paste, pour on slowly scalded milk (first removing onion and bay leaf), stirring constantly. Add seasonings, spinach pulp; cook five minutes and serve with cream, whipped stiff.

Sprinkle each portion with finely chopped parsley.

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